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Program Director – Construction & Engineering Recruitment Specialists


·         Acts as the Company representative with the client and selected subcontractors during the program execution.

·         Negotiates changes to the scope of work with the client and key subcontractors.

·         Collaborates with Business Development to market and secure additional work with client.

·         Responsible for following up on instructions and commitments associated with the project.

·         Participates in negotiations with regulatory agencies and in public meetings in support of clients.

·         Oversees establishment of Project Execution Plan, Health and Safety Plan, Quality Assurance/Quality Control Plan, and other documents as required

·         Establishes the program requirements for all areas of the project, and monitors the draft and final deliverables for adherence to these criteria

·         Responsible for the development and distribution of a one to two-page description of the project to all members of the project team for reference

·         Plans, directs, supervises, and controls the execution of all business, technical, fiscal, and administrative functions of the assigned project

·         Assigns responsibility for executing project plans to key subordinates after careful assessment of how to utilize their qualifications and strengths

·         Provides input to performance reviews and development plans for subordinates. Field responsibilities may include labor relations, local procurement and payroll operations, etc., if required

·         Mobilizes company resources, through liaison with support departments, other offices, or subsidiaries, to create project teams capable of completing effective, quality work

·         Discusses the qualifications required of the key project positions in specific detail with the profit center and department managers

·         Collaborates with the office facilities staff to address project space requirements

·         Works with other managers, project engineers, and discipline leads to develop budgets, schedules, and plans for the various elements of a project

·         Ensures that the project meets or exceeds goals established in these plans

·         Works with the key project individual to devise and execute actions plans to rectify potential cost overruns or delays, or to accommodate significant changes to the scope of work

·         Advises the client and company management of any such changes. The Project Manager is specifically responsible for maintaining current and timely change orders

·         Promotes technical and commercial excellence on the project through application of Quality Assurance processes

·         Monitors and reports to management on the progress of all project activity within the program, including significant milestones, and any conditions, which would affect project cost or schedule

·         Establishes weekly meeting to review project status and formulate action items

·         Performs other responsibilities associated with this position as may be appropriate.

Job Details

Posted Date: 2020-02-06
Job Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Job Role: Civil Engineering
Company Industry: Civil Engineering

Preferred Candidate

Career Level: Management
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